Tattoo Ideas: Collar Bone Tattoos For Strong People

Collar Bone Tattoos

The latest 10 years of the century has seen the commonness of shoulder tattoo designs, both amongst women and men. Because the shoulders are beginning to fill up, tattoo fanatics have decided on cruising upwards towards the collarbone. Actually, this kind of tattoo looks like a marvelous piece of art.

The collarbone is the link of two organs: the shoulders and the neck. A well-shaped collarbone and muscle structure can attract us much. There can be various collarbone tattoo designs that can be implemented. Nonetheless, men and women may get their own tattoo designs in plentiful genres.

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Coming to a decision of what design to get is the hardest task since there are tons of categories and designs to select. One has to think not twice but thousand times, as that design is going to become a part of his skin for a lifetime. Therefore, choosing a perfect design that is something meaningful to you is such a necessary step.


Actually, there are thousands of available designs for you such as anchor, angel, bird, cupid, feather, music note, religious symbols, etc. Whether you like roman numerals, Japanese, sign language, or just awesome calligraphy sometimes it’s best to write out who you are in the place that’s easiest to read! Favorite phrases, iconic quotes, and memories of a loved one are easy to show out on your collar bone with a script tattoo.

In brief, we can assure that collarbone tattoos are so eye-catching that they certainly make you take a second look. This zone might hurt you a little bit. However, that is called the beauty and value of tattoos since all the pain and effort to get a collarbone tattoo are worth and the end result is definitely fruitful!